Hello and welcome to my website!  Thank you for looking.  I put information here for parents of children I teach.  Mostly it relates to my instrumental teaching, but some info is useful to all.

The shop page just contains links to places to buy musical stuff you may need – you are not buying from me!

Please click here www.marieprice.simplybook.me to book an exam practice lesson.

I welcome feedback about the site, so get in touch on the contact page!

Marie Price

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Abbey School Music Blog

Follow the Abbey Music blog at http://abbey.windmusic.co.uk

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Online Aural test practice for exams!


Highly recommended……


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Free downloadable metronome – customisable!

This is really worth playing with!


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Recordings of your exam pieces

I can’t recommend too highly the performance and backing tracks of exam pieces that are available to donwload. Much cheaper than getting the cd with the exam book.

http://www.abrsmdownloads.org/index.asp?a=4 for Clarinet pieces

http://www.abrsmdownloads.org/index.asp?a=5 for Flute pieces

You can listen first to all the tracks and see what you like. You can download your three chosen pieces for a total of £1.95.

You can even change the speed of the piece using this SpeedShifter – extremely useful!  With this you can also transpose the tracks for C clarinet.

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Read this!

If you needed any further inducement…..


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