Red Hot Recorder by Sarah Watts is the book we start with. Later you may need other music as below – most will need the Descant Recorder version. Other useful books are also shown.

The Razzamajazz books by Sarah Watts are great fun and very popular – jazzy playing with CD or piano!


Music Medals Ensemble Books
Razzamajazz recorder books
Red Hot Recorder Tutor (DESCANT – most people)
Red Hot Recorder Tutor (Treble)
Time Pieces For Descant Recorder
Time Pieces For Treble Recorder


Descant recorder cases


Various descant recorders for sale (MOST PEOPLE)
Various sopranino recorders for sale
Various tenor recorders for sale
Various treble recorders for sale
Wow – Garklein – the tiny recorder!
Wow – the HUGE bass recorder!